Marsha Cheung Golangco, a Feng Shui professional, Sustainable Green Building Advisor, public speaker and an author, is a life time community advocate with a mission to promote a sustainable world that works for all.

Since 1988, Marsha has used her Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom in helping her clients to create favorable and healthy living environment for a better quality of life. Her services include new home subdivision development, office buildings, businesses, workplace, and individual home renovations. Her clients came from all sectors of the society, people who have a desire to better their lives.

Committed to a lifetime contribution to the ongoing sustainable green movement, Marsha continues to develop a local to global collaboration through her Green Feng Shui work and community advocacy. As a recipient of the 2005 Honorable Mention Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award of the year, Marsha served on many community organizations and cofounded several sustainable green organizations.

Marsha is the author of a trilogy: “The Power of Feng Shui for Builders”, “The Power of Feng Shui for Your Life” & “The Power of Feng Shui for Green Living”.

Marsha holds a B.A. in Biology from Santa Clara University, and M.A. in Home Economics from California State University in San Francisco.  She has completed a Ph.D. academic program in Environmental Science from the University of the Philippines.  Marsha lives in Alamo, California, with her husband, Eric, and their three children, Madeline, Elaine and Wesley.

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