A close look at Feng Shui (pronounced fung shoy) reveals concepts base on common sense, effective guidelines and sound principles. During the past 4,000 years this Chinese philosophy has exerted a broad influence in Asia. Today, it attracts growing interest in Europe and the United States. It’s popularity results from the ways in which it creates harmony and balance.

Literally meaning “wind and water, Feng Shui draws on the influence of “chi”- The flow and quality of energy in the environment that affects each one of us in different ways. By following the Feng Shui principles, one creates a favorable environment for access to universal power.

When applied effectively
Feng Shui balances and transforms the chi, creating comfortable, attractive surroundings and, in individuals, inner peace, plus an awareness of the possibilities for making beneficial choices that help achieving fulfillment. Feng Shui benefits also include loving relationships, personal well-being, peace and prosperity.

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